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Moment of Silence in honor of Trevor Ettinger

From: 210   210 is a registered live IceCat
Date: 28-Sep-06

Hasn't this gone on long enough?

From: Kristin Isenor  
Date: 27-Sep-06

I know that it has been a little time now since someone has posted a new message about Trev, but i want people to know that in East Hants N.S, we are keeping the memory of Trev alive and he has been greatly missed.

Love Kristin

From: shelby  
Date: 17-Sep-05
My dad worked for the moncton wildcats so our family was kinda close with them. Trevor was always nice to our family. We heard about his death and we were devistated he didnt seem like the person that would do something like that. He always seemed happy about things. My family went to every single game since the opening game and he was one of the nicest players. He will and is really missed it is 2005 right now and i still think about him often. RIP trevor

From: UpKennetcook  
Date: 20-Mar-05

Trevor is a close family friend (through my aunt) and we grew up together not ever 5 min apart, and currently I am dating his cousin, who also grew up near by. He was a big sports fan but had a deep love for hockey. No one will ever know why he chose to do what he did or what situation might have happened. But either way he will be dearly missed and most definitly not forgotten! My deepest condolinces to Edna (Trevors mom), I pray this mournful tragity get easier with time!



From: Amanda (Stewart) Fenton  
Date: 13-Mar-05
I grew up and went to school with Trevor, he was a wonderful person, and I will never forget my wedding day, because that is the day Trevor left us. Trevor was great at everything he endevored to do, whether it be hockey, baseball, or school. He was always smiling, he was our hometown hero, and everybody loved him and was so proud of him. I will never forget our phone conversations, and the way you, Luke, and Kenneth, continually teased me about Devin. Trevor you are forever loved and missed.

From: Dawson  
Date: 22-Feb-05
Trevor was the greatest guy ive ever heard of. When I found out that he had died I just broke down and cried because just a few moments before that I was talking  to his sister Michelle. Trevor will always be missed not just in our hearts but on the ice to. Every moment of  the rest of my life Trevor will be there.

Date: 16-Jan-05

Trevor has always the best and still is!At the Dayton Bombers games i would talk to him every day!!

i think it ment somthing that he died on my b-day!But i'm not sure what it means!

i will never forget # 42!You are always in my heart!!!

When i first found out i ran into my room and cryed and cryed!!

it has been 2 years andand i still cry over u Trevor!!!

I love You!!!!!

i want to say sorry to everyone who is hurt as much as me!

God you have the best Hockey player!!He still is and forever will be in my heart!!!




From: Minnie19  
Date: 14-Dec-04

Almost a year and 5 months since you left us....We still miss you lots and always will.

You are an inspiration to all hockey players out there, your life ended too soon. Thinking of you always....xoxoxoxoxoxox

From: *DaytonBombersDork*  
Date: 03-Dec-04

Hey I Miss You Trevor!! :(

*Ryan Vince #12 Is My Man!!


From: Travis Gibbon  
Date: 23-Oct-04
I knew Trevor my whole life. I remember going to watch him play every time he played in Halifax. Trevor was one of the best guys you will ever meet. He would do anything for anyone. He is a true example of what hockey players should be. He was tough on the ice but thats as far as it went. He understood that hockey is a game and what really matter is the fans. He will be greatly missed byt all who knew him. I miss you Trevor.

From: Walker Est Mon Favori   Walker Est Mon Favori is a registered live IceCat
Date: 11-Oct-04

From: Kendal Isenor  
Date: 10-Oct-04

I dident know trevor as a hockey player. i knew him as a family friend, here in N.S. I always looked up to him. Im still very close to his family and Trevor you will be miss always......and always.

From: *DaytonBombersDork12*  
Date: 10-Sep-04

I Met Trevor When He Was Playing For The Dayton Bombers...He Was A Great Guy..I Never Saw Him Without a SMile On His Face...He Was So Sweet..He Was In A FIght One Night..Broke His Stick n Gave It To Me....When I Heard He Had SHot HimSelf..I was Very Sad...At The First Hockey Game Last Year At The Nutter Center They Played A TRibute Video For Him..I Saw Pics Of HIm..Laughing SO Happily..Then They Showed Pics Of His Funeral..I was SO Upset I Began To Cry..Trevor...I Love You..Your The Best Hockey Player i Know..n You'll ALways Be In My Heart...Your The Greatest Fighter too... :)



     Love Your #1 Fan...*Danielle Allen* Dayton.Ohio

From: *DaytonBombersDork12*  
Date: 10-Sep-04

I Mwt Trevor When He Was Playing For The Dayton Bombers...He Was A Great Guy..I Never Saw Him Without a SMile On His Face...He Was So Sweet..He Was In A FIght One Night..Broke His Stick n Gave It To Me....When I Heard He Had SHot HimSelf..I was Very Sad...At The First Hockey Game Last Year At The Nutter Center They Played A TRibute Video For Him..I Saw Pics Of HIm..Laughing SO Happily..Then They Showed PIcs Of His Funeral..I was SO Upset I Began To Cry..Trevor...I Love You..Your The Best Hockey Player i Know..n You'll ALways Be In My Heart...Your The Greatest Fighter too... :)



     Love Your #1 Fan...*Danielle Allen* Dayton.Ohio

From: Minnie27  
Date: 26-Apr-04
Aujourd'hui sa fait 9 mois qu'un gars exceptionnelle nous a quitter. On pense a toi a tout les jours. Les fans de moncton te manquent beaucoup. Jusqua ce qu'on se revoit, byebyeXxX....toujours tu seras dans mes pensées.

From: one night in columbus...  
Date: 28-Mar-04

I will always remember that night!  Thanks for lookn out for us Trevor!  I pray for Jess and your family and I am always thinking of you.

Only God will ever know...

A Friend!!!



From: Clint Furlong  
Date: 01-Mar-04

I new Trevor for many years...not onlywas he a friend..yet he felt like my big brother....I will always remeber you trevor and until we meet again ...he will always remain in my heart.

From: Minnie27  
Date: 25-Feb-04
Deja 7 mois demain! Ouf sa passe vraiment trop vite. Je vais te manquer pour toujours Trevor, tu etais une inspiration a ne jamais oublier. R.I.P.

From: Michelle  
Date: 09-Feb-04

Theres not a day that goes by, that i dont think of Trevor. I met him once, It was Section 1 on the stairs, He was with my all time favorite player, Kent McDonell, so i went to talk to both of them, Trevor was the nicest guy ive ever talked to, Now every time i I step into the area i cant stop thinking about him. I miss hiim with all my heart and soul, so to Trevor- Your loved and Missed in so many hearts.


RIP::Loved and Missed forever::

From: erika  
Date: 08-Feb-04
trevor was a great guy....he will always be in my heart as the same with everyone else! Its been almost 7 months since he left and went to heaven, this valentines day i will not forget him and im sure no one else will! We love you trevor! happy valentines day #42!! RIP

From: Karo  
Date: 25-Jan-04

Could somebody tell me that did Trevor really killed himself..?!?! Why they said that he passed away if he killed himself...?!? Tell me please I really want to know...!!

And I'm really sorry of this all!!! :(

From: Wildcat_Minnie  
Date: 24-Jan-04

I learned of Trevor's death one week after a major operation i had to have. While in my hospital bed, my grandfather with whom i've been going to see the wildcats for 8 years came in and told me this horrible news. I was devastated. I had meet Trevor in 2000 while he was playing with the wildcats and if it wasn't for him i wouldn't of meet a few others of my favorite players( he brought me to meet them).Trevor was by far the most kind, sweet and dedicated player i've seen play with the wildcats. It's often that when players of his status come to play with a team they have big egos and think way to much of themselves but with Trevor it was different, he would be the first one to give the credit to his teammates and he would always be so nice to us the fans. He was a real gentleman. in two days, 6 months will have already passed since he left this world for a greater place. I know he's in heaven watching down on his friends and familly like he watched after them while he was still here.

It has been my pleasure knowing you Trevor and you will be forever missed by everyone. RIP

From: Snagglepulse   Snagglepulse is a registered live IceCat
Date: 09-Jan-04
I feel for ya man.

From: Rod Dean  
Date: 08-Jan-04

I can honestly say Trevor is the greatest guy I ever meet. L.B.'s river run party,tours to halifax, dean ball tournament, are just some of the times that just put a smile on my face thinking about. Thats not to mention the many ass whoopings I got to see him deliver. I loss touch with trevor when I moved out west, but always kept up to date from his cousin J.M. You are sadly missed,  but will always bring a smile when thought of.



From: Amy  
Date: 18-Dec-03

Well I think that Trevor Ettinger dying was very sad I think that we will miss him especially the Syracuse Crunch. I think that many fans will miss Trevor as well.

Trevor You will always be missed.

We all Love you.

From: Candace  
Date: 16-Dec-03

It's been almost 5 months sinmce trevor passed and still the fans in Cape Breton mourn.I  met Trevor  when he played for cape breton and he was a great guy and  he will always be our # 36 .Even tho we have different captains now noone will ever take his place




From: Hugues Desilets  
Date: 08-Oct-03

Je n'ai pas toujours été un fan de Trevor Ettinger, quand il venait jouer à Shawinigan contre les Cat's j'étais le premier a crier après lui...  Je le trouvais baveux, il était gros et grand, devant ses buts il faisait santir sa présance!!!

Un jour j'apprend qu'il s'en vient jouer pour les Cataractes de Shawinigan, mon club dans la LHJMQ, je trippais le gros Ettinger avec les Cat's wow!!!

Après son stage dans le junior, je l'avais perdu de vu mais je me doutais bien qu'il brassait sa cage sur une patinoire quelque part en amérique...

Je suis triste de sa mort quand même si je ne lui ai jamais parlé je sentais qu'il était un maudit bon gars!!!

Cette année avec les Cat's il y a encore un 63, il vient aussi de N.S., il n'est pas gros comme " big show" mais il aura un ange pour prendre soin de lui...

Bye Trevor Take care of you!!!

Hugues Desilets  , Québec

From: Devin Ettinger  
Date: 27-Sep-03

I grew up with Trevor and was a close neighbor as well as a friend. We had more good times than ever and had a lot of fun growing up and used to skate on the ponds whenever we had the chance but Trevor was the one who could always skate circles around someone. You'll be missed....

Devin Ettinger


From: Charis  
Date: 09-Sep-03
Trevor you will be deeply missed.  I pray for your family and friends.  I pray for your soul.  May God bless all who are affected.

From: Cathy  
Date: 01-Sep-03
I was shocked and very saddened to hear this news, he was the one I felt the most comfortable around of the players, he was our waiter at the United Way dinner they hosted, and he was the sweetest guy in the world. I hope he is free now and I pray for his family whom I know must be horrified and confused. I still cannot fathom that he did this to himself and I'm sure everyone who knew him is devastated. We will honor his memory always.

From: WanderinBombersFan  
Date: 26-Aug-03
i knew Trevor through his 2 years with the Dayton Bombers.  he was (and will always be) one of the best players I've ever seen.  He played with all his heart every game and always really cared about his fans.  He was always kind to me and never turned anyone down who asked for anh autograph or picture.  I got to know Trevor a bit, jhust from being around him when he was in Dayton and he was a very special guy.  I'll treasure all the memories and the pictures I have of him.  there is hardly a day that goes by when i dont think about him.  He will be missed.  And my prayers go to his family and friends.  Its been a month but there is not enough time in the world to erase the pain.. 

From: Kristen Horton  
Date: 23-Aug-03
I also am a very good friend of Trevor's girlfriend Jessica. It hurts and saddens her to know people think they were having problems. She will never be the same and neither will his family. I know Jessica appreciates all the wonderful things people have written. Trevor was a wonderful man and will live on in many peoples hearts.

Date: 17-Aug-03
I didnt know Trevor but after attending many of the Syracuse Crunch Hockey Games, I seen how much he contributed to the team. I know he will be missed this season, and everyone that goes to a Crunch game will never forget # 36.

Date: 17-Aug-03
I had stumbled across this message board when looking up Trevor's name and it disturbed me to read one message claiming Trevor and his girlfriend were having problems. I know this not to be true because I know his girlfriend very well; people will never understand the pain that she is dealing with. Their love was everlasting and unlike anything most people will be fortunate to find even once throughout their lives. They had a stable and bright future ahead of them, but clinical depression has no sympathy on its' victims. So next time you hear such a horrible accusation remember those that are left behind with guilt over a love lost. He was more than a hockey player, he was a future lost to one special person. 

From: Travis ettinger  
Date: 14-Aug-03

i am puttin number 36 on my jersey to honur the greatest hockey player...Trevor Ettinger...u are vey missed trevor

from Travis Ettinger

From: travis ettinger  
Date: 14-Aug-03
I have never reall had the pleasure of meeting trevor, he was a distant cousin of mine and i always would go to his hockey games just to watch him, even tho i never really knew trevor , now that he is gone it seems that i have known him for my whole life...i always looked up to him as an idol because i play hockey as well.... i would just like to say that you are vey missed trevor. In my honur i am gonna wear the number 36 on back of my jersey to honur trevor.....miss ya man

From: Megan Blumenthal in Halfiax NS Canada  
Date: 09-Aug-03
N.S. Fan is correct. He did shoot himself......

From: jim9022000  
Date: 08-Aug-03

just wanted to say that Trevor will be always missed and never forgotten!

from your long time friend



From: Megan Blumenthal in Halifax N.S.  
Date: 07-Aug-03


We here in Halifax always couldn't wait for Ettinger to come to town! We knew there would be some big fights and of course the game would be more entertaining, but secretly a lot of us wanted Ettinger to win! He was so classy after his fights, if you can possibly understand that :)

He would talk to us from the penaltybox etc. He was a player who we all knew was going to go far. We had no doubts in our minds.

If you were to talk to him you would realize what a nice man he was. He played with a lot of heart for Moncton and Cape Breton.

It was bad enough when he outgrew the QMJHL we missed him dearly then! Now, we won't see him play anywhere and I am truly sad about this.

Trevor had a lot of potential, he even had a great new contract this year. So he was having problems with his girlfriend, or whatever the next article in the newspaper is going to say. I just hope kids realize that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

--Megan Blumenthal

From: carolyn  
Date: 04-Aug-03

We as a family have met Trevor many, many times either at pep rallys or autograph sessions or at my daughters birthday party held at a wildcat game or just at the mall here in town.He always wore a smile and had a firm handshake and took the time to meet his fans...i have so many pictures of him  taken at games  and his autographs we will cherish..We miss you already "BIG SHOW" and now #19 ,you can protect OUR family up in heaven...take care of yourself...you have not played your final game yet...miss you...

From: kim..trevors biggest fan  
Date: 04-Aug-03

dear n.s fan..how would u no?? he had so much to look forward to..i dont believe for a second that the Trevor i knew would do that... he had a girlfriend whom he loved so much...a new contract wit another great team...a wonderful family...and many many fans...around north america... im happy that my home team was lucky enough to have him for  2 seasons... he protected his teammates wit no fear...even tho he was traded to another team he stayed true to the moncton wildcats...... he still protected his old teamates against his new team...i dont think u coulda asked for a better guy... if he heard u talking about the wildcats he come up to u and start a convo... he let me and my cousin sit on his lap at the same time... in the 4 years ive been meeting wildcat players he was and is the nicest player to ever set skates on the ice... im so sorry he had to leav us at such a young age..but i guess God couldnt wait to get his team captain on the ice up there...May He Rest In Peace..and may his family find the strength to get through this terrible ordeal....his biggest fan ever...kim...from the moncton wildcats...

From: kim..his biggest fan  
Date: 04-Aug-03
i guess now we know angels play hockey becaz God just signed on the best player there is

From: David Cole  
Date: 02-Aug-03
I only met trevor once he was a teammate and roomate of a hockey player that i know Torrey Diroberto who plays for the Dayton Bombers Torrey had stayed with my aunt in indianapolis while he was playing for the ice. well i was at school one day checking out the east coast hockey league's website and i had spotted Torrey's name on dayton bombers player roster i am from Toledo and Dayton and Toledo are big rivals. I then told my aunt and uncle that i had found out who Torrey was playing with. i had then gotten tickets to the game, afterwards i went back towards the locker rooms i was looking for Torrey then this tall guy came up i told him i was looking for Torrey and i had asked him if he knew him, he said yes i am a teammate of his my name is Trevor Ettinger he had stayed there and waited untill Torrey had came out that was the last and only time i had met Trevor after i seen the sad news i kept saying Trevor would not do that.

From: NS fan  
Date: 02-Aug-03
Trevor tragically died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  Condolences can be sent to his family at ettinger@funeralscanada.com

From: STEELHEADSFAN   STEELHEADSFAN is a registered live IceCat
Date: 01-Aug-03

From: Walker34   Walker34 is a registered live IceCat
Date: 01-Aug-03

From: Icecat110   Icecat110 is a registered live IceCat
Date: 01-Aug-03

From: Jenn Stratus  
Date: 01-Aug-03
I was saddened to hear about the passing of Trevor, he was a great guy and a Giant teddy bear. My sincere condolences to his family. If someone who email how he passed that would be great because i have just heard speculation and not sure.

From: HockeyHunny101   HockeyHunny101 is a registered live IceCat
Date: 31-Jul-03

From: jenny  
Date: 31-Jul-03
my son and l met trevor many times, off the ice, here in syracuse, he was always pleasant, and extremly generous with his fan's he always had time to say hello. he will be sorely missed, he was my son tony's favorite player.he is devastated by this.

From: tricia  
Date: 31-Jul-03

I never had a chance to meet trevor and im sorry for what happened i never thought it would be him..my best friend was in love with him..and when she found out about this she was very upset..and she couldnt believe it..she talked to him and got pictures and everything..im sorry to hear about this and hopefully everyone will move on and always keep him on there mind..and always have him in there memories~!


From: Alaina Wylie-Fraser  
Date: 31-Jul-03

I was very shocked to here of Trevors death.

I am making a book on the memories of him, I thought he played like a pro all of his games he worked hard every game he played.

Me and my family went to all the home games he for the Wildcats.

we will go on knowing that he play like a pro, We will miss him very much

                 Yours truly 



From: jm  
Date: 30-Jul-03
Does anyone know what year Trevor attended the Edmonton training camp?

From: cheerprincezz213  
Date: 30-Jul-03

I am a fan of the syracuse crunch hockey team. And I got to know Trevor. He was a great guy who always seemed so happy. I never saw him without a smile on his face. I was devistated when I heard the news about Trevor. He will be greatly missed.

Rip Trevor Ettinger

From: Sound Hound  
Date: 30-Jul-03

I never had the opportunity to meet Trevor Ettinger but know he was a great nephew of my grandmother. This would make him a distant relative of Curtis Sanford. When Curtis was informed of this tragedy he said it was hard to believe. He (Curtis) said that he and Trevor attended the Edmonton Oilers training camp together a few years back. Trevor referred to Curtis as Lil Cuz. Curtis said he (Trevor) enjoyed life and was always in an upbeat mood.

RIP Trevor.

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